Eleventh colleges have a variety of facilities that can provide comfort to the students who inhabit. Among them is the prayer, tennis, multipurpose hall, gymnasium  , room scientific and cycling facilities for recreation.

Surau eleventh college have the perfect preparation to its residents. Preparation and prayer veil sufficient for students and visitors to pray . Clean and tidy very emphasized in prayer care. Cheerful in prayer as affixing a meaningful verses, quotes  and others. The activities at the surau as usrahs conducted by the surau committee.

In addition, we also provide tennis for the students play. Among them are tennis and basketball. Badminton courts inside the multi-purpose hall can also be used. The students can play after class and get rid of stress after a long study. The student can begin a healthy lifestyle as a university student. Exercise together with partners in order to bridge the brotherhood between each other.

Further, the use of multi-purpose hall also be a facility for the students who inhabit eleventh  college. If students want to use the multi-purpose hall for activities to be accomplished can be booked at the office of the eleventh college such as banquets courses and activities of the college.

Eleventh college also provide a gymnasium for the students to spend some time for recreation in the evening. Gymnasium cared for by students who are given the responsibility to care for and open the gymnasium.

Furthermore, scientific room is also available for specific purposes such as training students for dance, theater, debates and the findings. Scholarly room in a comfortable and  condusive environment for students to use.

Eleventh college also provide bicycles for recreation purposes for the students in the afternoon. The students  can use the existing bicycle for recreation on the campus of the soothing and relaxing environment behind lush green trees.

All citizens of the college may conduct recreation activities with enthusiasm without interference and contamination. Eleventh college equipped with facilities suited to the needs of the students to their college life assured.