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1 Kolej 1 Kampung

‘1 Kolej 1 Kampung’ Programme is a programme which organized by Volunteer and Community Service Secretary collaborate with Student High Council of Eleventh College.This programme aims to encourage the students toinvolve actively in the college activities. Besides, the programme also creates a sense of responsibility among the students to help alleviate the plight of the less fortunate.

‘1 Kolej 1 Kampung’ Programme was held on 23 April 2017, Sunday in Kampung Kondok, Nilai, Negeri Sembilan.This programme was attended by 30 students comprising of students of Eleventh College UPM.

The programme was conducted to train the students to communicate with other participants from different religions, races and backgrounds. In addition, this programme helps students to understand and adapt to the culture of the community and new environment. Moreover, the ability to recognize and respect the attitudes, behaviors and beliefs of others practice also can be learned fhrough this programme. The effectiveness of this programme to participants is that it can build students which contribute in moulding a united society. In a nutshell, this programme could also reduce the poverty rate in our country, Malaysia with the helps from students.


Date of Input: 14/05/2017 | Updated: 14/05/2017 | ejan


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