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A Visit to Karangkraf

A visit to the Karangkraf Media Group Complex was held on the 24th of December. A total of 45 students from 11th College participated in the program. Arriving at 2.30 pm, the students were briefed by a staff of the Karangkraf (Reporter of Teen Magazine), Mrs. Hanisah Hasbulah. She escorted the students to various parts of the Editorial Magazines, Books and Graphics Department ( CSI ).The students were able to gain work experience in the production organization of the Karangkrafduring the visit. The students have shown great interests by asking variety of questions to the staff in Karangkraf. The tour end with a visit to the Ultimate Printing of Print Factory. At the end of the day, they were exposed to the process of editing and publishing real jobs and filling magazines or books to facilitate the production of the magazines. Soon after, the students were served with some refreshments by the Karangkraf ,then appreciation was shown with the presentation of souvenirs to their staffs. Face ripple of joys and satisfactions can be seen in the students when they buy a variety of books sold in Karangkraf Mall.

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