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Inter-college English Debate 2013/2014

For the first time in the Eleventh Colleges history, we have made through to finals in the Inter College English Debate Competition! Big thanks to the college debate team members for devoting their time and effort throughout this competition. Those students are Jannanee Naidu A/P Sivabala Naidu, Kogila Vaani A/P Subramaniam and Nurin Syahirah Binti Md. Sidek. Theyve started their journey by facing KC and won, however they were defeated by K14 soon after that. Well as they said, never give in and never give up, so they continue their journey by facing K17 in the quarter final match and once again theyve claimed the victory. On the 19th February 2014, the team once again had to put their best performance as they were about to go against last year ICED champion which is K13. The team was the government which support the motion given which is Parents should be legally responsible for their childrens crime and once again the victory goes to K11. The journey have been amazing so far, and now came the moment of truth where the Final Battle between K11 and K2 which was held on 8th March 2014. The final motion was This House Should Ban Corporal Punishment and K11 was the opposition team. Eventhough, K11s rebuttal for the motion was strong but unfortunately, K2s teams had luck on their side. Oh well, winning is not everything, its the experience that counts! As a conclusion, a big thank to the 11th College Admins, Students High Council especially Mazween Binti Mohamad Mazlan, Secretariat of Academic and Career Guidance, the Team Manager, Yokasundery A/P Muniandy and not forgetting all of K11s students for coming down and cheer for the team. Thank you and we hope that next year we will win this thing once and for all !

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