"Inter-floor Sports Tournament" is an annual event held in Eleventh College to strengthen ties and cooperation among students of each floor. In conjunction with this tournament, various sports were organized for Eleventh College students such as volleyball, basketball, futsal and netball. Netball match was held on 14th November 2014 at Eleventh Colleges futsal court. There were 12 representatives from each level participated in this netball match. Participants were required to arrive early at 8.45 pm for warm-up session led by the sports committee. The audiences were so eager to give support to their representatives. The netball matches was won by Level 5 as the champion, second place by Level 2 and third place by Level 4.

On 15th November, the futsal match was held. Each level had sent their representatives by a total of six students. The competition was divided into three groups, namely A (Level 1 and 2), B (Level 3 and 4) and C (Level 5 and 6). Group A started the games and the game won by Level 1 with 2-0 points against Level 2. Then group B, which Level 4 beat the Level 3 with 4-0 points. And lastly, Level 5 against Level 6 and it won by Level 5 with 3-2 points. Overall, Level 4 had become the final winner of the matches, runner-up was Level 5, while Level 2 in third place.

On the 16th November 2014, an inter-level volleyball match was held at the Tenth Colleges Basketball Court. The match was held at 8 am in the morning and ended around 12 noon. There were 6 teams representing each level. The supporters were there to give support to the players. The first place won by Level 5, followed by Level 2 and Level 1 that took second and third place respectively. The day ended with a prize giving ceremony to the winning teams. Besides volleyball, basketball game was also held on the same day, at the same place. The game was very exciting with all players were playing very well. They were also eager to win the game and try not for letting the supporters down. Finally, the basketball game was won by level 6 as the winner, the first runner up was level 5 and the second runner-up was level 2. Congratulations for those who have won the game and also for those who took part in the game. And do not forget also to supporters who were present to enliven the match with strong support for each level. Support college sports!

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