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Minggu Inovasi dan Celik Ilmu

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11th College had organised a week called Innovation & Literacy Week of Knowledge starting from 2nd to 7th December 2013. Various activities are organized to nurture the creativity of the students to be more innovative and love for knowledge. Among the activities is an indoor game, the design competition, first aid school, yasin readings, explorace, aerobics, graphics lab, book fairs and the closing ceremony. As for the invention competition, it has been won by the level one. While the winner of the indoor game was Nur Hashimah Sumgap for Chess, Ho Sing Sing for Sudoku, Nur Azzah Fakerah win the Monopoly game, Jigsaw Puzzle won by 2nd floor representatives and game Scarbble winner was Seok Tong Lai. It is hoped that such activities will enhance students' skills and foster a love for knowledge.

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