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Minggu Titian Mesra 2017

'Titian Mesra 2017' organized by Student High Council and Management of Eleven College has been held on 27 – 29 September 2017. This programme is a platform for new student get to know each other and strenghthen bonding between Eleventh College residents.A lot of activities has been conducted throughout the week, starting with Floor Cleanliness Competition where students are working together decorating and clean their rooms and corridor. At the same time, there are Cheers Competition where each floor sending one group of students chanting for their floor with creative chants and style.

On the next day, activity is focusing in sports and recreation. Many students had come for Zumba session held at Dataran Kolej Sebelas. After that they moving to court for Inter-Floor Sports Competition. Each Floor send group to play netball and volleyball. Winner for netball if 3th Floor and winner for volleyball is 5th Floor. On the 3rd day, there are Seta Got Talent competition, 1st preliminary round. This event is a collaboration with Student High Council of Tenth College. Students had showcase their talent in dancing, singing and playing instruments. On Thursday, 28th September 2017, there are prayers and moral activity. After Isyak prayers, students then moving to Multipurpose Hall for movie session 'Wayang Pacak'. Students are sitting on the floor together watching Ola Bola movie.

On the last day. There are Alumni Talk Meet and Greet where 2 alumni has come to share their experience. Ms Nur Nadia Mohd Kassim and Ms Kogila Vaani Subramaniam had sharing good tips to be an active and brilliant student. After that sharing session, Minggu Titian Mesra is officially close and all the winner is announced. 2nd Floor has been announced as winner followed by 6th Floor as 1st runner up and 5th Floor as 3rd place winner. Congratulation to all students who had come and support all the activities and hopefully it continue in the future.


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